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Having been absent from my Blog for several months due to illness, I would like to post a review I received 6 months ago from Visionary Fiction author, Pat Perrin which I was unable to do at the time.

I read and later reviewed Pat's great book, Mayan Interface, to which she replied, 'a very intelligent and insightful review,' In return she offered to review Dreaming Worlds Awake. This is it:-


Dreaming Worlds Awake, by Esme Ellis.

This is a personal book, a narrative of experience that leads the reader through some very nice juxtapositions. In her introduction, the author says, “Of its own volition something began to take shape. Stories arose, dreams came, a poem or two, a letter here and there.” And that is what the book consists of. In poetry and various prose styles, Esme Ellis describes dreams, synchronicities, channelled entities, and everyday life. She treats them evenly, finding something to learn of all of them

Esme Ellis is open to the wondrous without insisting on dogmatic interpretations. She says that dreams may, “if you learn to ‘live alongside’ them without pressing for instant disclosure, reveal their secrets later, in their own good time.” She could be describing her approach to adventures of all kinds. Her discussions range from the philosophies of Freud and Jung, to insights from the spirit of the sculptor, Jacob Epstein, to advice from an ancient consciousness, to encounters with animal totems and other unconventional topics. She looks on it all as a “playground of boundless discovery and spiritual expansion“ that is simply not to be missed.

My personal favorite is a brief story about helping a blackbird to protect its nest from a feral cat by .... well, you’ll just have to read the book. I recommend it for those who are searching for a playground such as this.

Review by Pat Perrin.

It might be nice at this point to add one or two reader's comments. To my mind, this first says a lot in a few words. 

What an amazing book. It has the impact of a spiritual depth charge. Pat Panton.

Another one which pleased me, and which also used the epithet, amazing, was from an Australian friend who came to visit me in Bath last year. 

It left me raw, turned upside-down and inside-out. Amazing!  Suzy C

The Visionary Fiction genre seems to puzzle many people and commercial publishers shy away from using that title. Even on the FVA website there is still an ongoing discussion about what exactly it means. 'Visionary' ? Well, it doesn't mean having a vision in the literal sense of the word -- seeing shining figures with wings, and all that. It is about having a vision though. A vision for what the future on mankind could/can be, and about writing a book which, as well as creating a gripping story which people can enjoy for itself alone, may also have an impact on human consciousness. The Visionary Fiction Alliance's 'mission statement' speaks of "getting in touch with our inner wisdom". For myself, personally, I'd like to introduce another term, 'gnost' meaning, inner wisdom connected to, or stemming from our Soul. VF too, 'envisages humanity's transition into evolving consciousness.' Again, I'd like to take that a stage further. Evolution is still within our present understanding of Time: Past, Present and Future. Whereas Expanded Consciousness steps out of Time and into the Eternal NOW. 

If all this sounds too complicated and 'esoteric', remember VF's aim is to create a spanking good read! 

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