Sunday, 19 September 2010


Typical Welsh farmhouse with windows that look like it was also used as a chapel.
Boats on the Saintclair's quay inlet looking inland.
Same inlet looking towards the sea.

Brent? geese on the brackish water lake near Dale.
And a view of the oil refinery faint in the distance at Pembroke Docks with the oyster beds in the foreground

I WOULD LIKE TO CALL THIS FIGURES IN A LANDSCAPE, although having to use myself and one shot of Michael as the figures. Here I am at the far end of the promontary at Little Haven, drinking it all in.
From past experience, trying to fit text to pics is frustratingly time-consuming, so this is the best I can do for now.

And here, at Saint Non's is a view of all that space. I tried to capture a moment when the sun caught a sliver of yellow-green on the distant hill top, but when I pressed the button it had faded. Nevertheless the sky was well worth recording.

What I so love about this part of the world is that you can seem to have all these miles of beauty to yourself.

Down by the riverside at the Cathedral of Saint David, Micheal is contemplating a walk on the water!

A black Welsh cow contemplating the montain whilst chewng on it cud.

Figure in the landscape contempating the same mountain. (And if she looks right she will see the sea.)
And the same figure, seconds later seated on same rock, with same sea behind to the left, but so bright it seems to have blotted figure out. Either that or evening has descended unexpectedly.


One more from our collection, Michael down by the riverside at St.David's Cathedral contemplating a walk on water!