Saturday, 12 June 2010

June, flaming June. And home again.

Complete contrast but home sweet home is great too. After that amazing week in Wales where the wild flowers bordering the narrow lanes overwhelmed the senses - not to mention the knock-out effect of all that space and light and the silence of having it all to ourselves, the more gentle return to our English garden was wonderful in its own way.

Poppies everywhere. A madness of poppy.
Here in the purple passion corner the special dusky purple ones had opened fro the first time and bloomed while we were away.

And here again the giant blowsy pink ladies joined the dance with the bee-bells and the nature spirits lurking among the leaves.

And a splash of scalding scarlet frilly ones.

By the end of the week Michael had finished his splendiferous seat, created from Victorian ironwork rescued from an old garden and been in our shed for maybe 20 years awaiting the turning into realty of the initial vision. Some beautiful hardwood shaped, sanded and drilled to fit the original Victorian scrollwork.
Perfectly placed now to catch the last of the evening sun, we can sit, glass in hand, plates on knees, sipping and enjoying an outdoor Spanish omelet.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A Week in Wild West Wales

This is Nolton Haven, our first evening. The day began hot and bright, sunshine and blue skies all the way down from Bath.

Saint Brides, or San Freidd Monday, brilliant light cool breeze, wall-to-wall blue. Sea, sky, all to ourselves. Someone's old boat, all by itself too.

From the end of the rocky promentary at Little Haven. Tuesday morning.

Long walk, strong wind, all wrapped up in scarf and wollies against the cold. Little cottage in mid-distance; St Davids Head mountain in distance.

Our last evening, cliff top, stunned by the intensity of light, beauty and silence we had absorbed all week.