Friday, 13 April 2012


This is the first of a series - abandoning all my previous approaches and techniques - ways of painting I'd erstwhile employed, I attempted to get myself out of the way,let go control and mind-centered, learned experience, and simply allow 'the spirit' to work through my hand. Without expectation, without plan, I allowed my Creator Self to flow.

This first picture began as I took up a piece of charcoal and proceeded to mark the white paper with an energetic curved line. Taking up a brush I mixed and spontaneously applied washes of acrylic paint. The result I called, A Lighter Earth.

Next came a painting of a Water Dragon, (not shown) The Water Dragon which was inspired by the Celadon bowls, somehow begat this Fire Dragon, also an 'out-of-my mind, letting my hand move as it will across the page', sort of painting.

This in turn was followed by something rather different;
I called it
Birthing Joy.

This then inspired my next painting, a lion.

LION Rampant

This came out of my last chapter in Dreaming Worlds Awake and was inspired by Kuthumi's comments on that story.

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