Thursday, 29 March 2012


Painters of old -- the Old Masters -- didn't just paint; they were energy workers. They mixed substances such as healing herbs and ground up crystals, gold, frankincense myrrh, the intense magical blue of lapis lazuli into their paints, and created 'masterpieces' which, when you looked at them drew you into their energy. You felt awed, spiritually uplifted and enlightened just by standing in their presence.

Since life's circumstances caused me to give up sculpture some time back, I turned to writing maybe 15 years ago and during that time I have written four books. But recently I felt the urge to take myself back to art and do a bit of painting. No Old Master I - far from it! but I wanted to explore painting in a new way. My latest book DREAMING WORLDS AWAKE proclaims, New Consciousness, New Energy, New Writing, and the definition of that as far as I understand it is that in our quest for an expansion of consciousness, or putting it another way, (several other ways) i.e. following our path to enlightenment, to ascension - the journey towards becoming our own Ascended Master, claiming the I AM - we travel beyond the 'normal' way of perceiving the world, the mental, compartmentalising and ordering, the intellectual and scientific ways of perceiving, and begin to comprehend without trying to control. Call it, going beyond the mind'.

I just wanted to see what would happen if I painted from this place, or state, just 'letting my hand move as it will.' It wasn't easy! Maybe you'd expect it to be easy - letting go and letting it happen - but it wasn't. But nevertheless something did come out of it. Just as 'letting go the mind and control, and letting it happen,' was a trifle scary, so is sharing the results.

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