Thursday, 6 May 2010


Oh those empty, blue skies! (Well, not quite so, they're still grey and chill, but with that unpronounceable volcano's dustcloud again drifting our way, the planes 'up North' are grounded once more.) The empty blue skies I'm referring to are the airwaves free of Brown stuff, Clegg mania and that Cameron bloke. I think he's a bloke, isn't he? That's what he claims, anyhow.
But, no. For once we have a Day without any of that stuff, and instead we've had, at least on the bit of radio I listen to, nothing but artists, writers, musicians and a few good storytellers being interviewed. What a Change this is. This is what I call a Change. Yippeeee, hurrah! Let's have more of it.
Of all the interviews this morning, the one which impressed me most was Paul McCarthy, (yes, remember him? He of the Beetles fame.) He was telling us of two of his most recent projects; one, I failed to take in fully - wasn't quite tuned in yet, not quite awake, but it was the one which made me sit up, metaphorically you understand. It had been a suggestion, apparently, coming from a friend. Her idea was to have a special car set aside of the trains - a quiet room for people who wanted just not to be bothered, but where they could have reading material provided. Books of short stories. And she'd approached Paul to see if she could persuade him to write one.

And the second of Paul's projects was that he'd agreed and had written about his own pet subject, getting people to think about the benefits - to themselves, but also to the planet as a whole - of a Meat Free Day. A word with Jamie on the subject had brought him on board too, but Jamie, a step further, had suggested that two meatfree days per week was even better. So we may be in for his next series; Jamie Does Veggie Britain.

Anyway, I'm off to marinade Jamie's Moroccan fish dish for tonight's supper before that one comes on line. But not with out giving you my 5th of May Message for the Day.

Calling all UK voters; Let's go to the next level. Vote for Tomorrow. The Dualistic mode of politics we've been living with for too long, for since like forever, is bust. The Great Awakening is upon us. Dive in and cast your vote for crisis and chaos. What could be more perfect!

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