Sunday, 16 May 2010


Well, I think I'll bow out of the political scene now. I don't usually get this fussed when it comes to casting my vote, but you must admit this last election has been a humdinger. But now it's boiled down - now the hype and hysterics have died down - to what's being called the Dave&Nick show, otherwise, the Tweedledum-Tweedledees, the Clegarons, the Clammeroons, the whatyouwiilies, and the other side busy now trying to stir up more hilarity with their own version of the Tweedledumdedees, the Mili-Boy-Band, I've had enough excitement for a while.

So I will attempt no further political utterance until the next damn election, 5 years hence, and focus back to my usual flat world of New Energy writing and assorted Ascension maters.

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