Friday, 12 June 2009


I recently did an interview with Marisa Calvi who lives in Australia. We met in Cyberspace: it makes world wide travelling so easy! We both have more than a passing interest 'New Energy'. What's that? I'll make some attempt to communicate that in my own way - but you could say it IS communication - being 'in touch' in a very immediate and you might say intimate sense, of touching - depth of feeling - touching into other realities - expanded realities. Expanded consciousness. To take a quote from Tobias, (who's Tobias?) ... we long ago placed these New Energy tools in place for us to use at exactly the time we find ourselves in right Now... "But we had the wisdom to place these tools without even knowing what they were; without knowing exactly what had to be done but knowing that it could be done; without having to manipulate or manufacture a certain tool or a certain system or structure, but to know that at this time when we came to this place on the path that those tools would appear and they would be appropriate and they would be of the New Energy not of the Old."

"...would appear, and would be appropriate .." so I think that's at the heart of it. It's about meeting the challenge, whatever the nature of the thing may be, writing a poem, speaking in front of a live audience, meeting sudden illness or bereavement, financial crisis, but meeting it in the moment, directly from 'the source', which is linking to ones own direct pipeline to interdimentional wisdom - an inner knowing which comes from a place beyond 3 D, dualistic thinking.

I met Marisa on the Shaumbra Creations section of the Crimson Circle Newsletter for February 2009 which was hosting a review/presentation of my 'This Strange and Precious Thing.' She had also recently written a book - a very interesting book - a channelled book. (She tells the story much better than I can, so you can follow her link and click on her June 2009 Newsletter which will take you to my interview, and thence to the rest of her website for more about her book.) It is the story of an Egyptian Pharaoh as told by himself - a personal and sensitive account which, unusually for anything told in a first person voice from those distant times, takes us empathetically and respectfully into the world of the feminine experience.

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