Monday, 27 April 2009


I'm off on the road to Morocco ....... It feels surreal - an unlikely dream I haven't yet begun to believe in, and by the time I get back with, what I hope will be evidence that I wuz there, maybe it will begun to sink in. It will be a very short trip, but I'm hoping to bring a few pics to prove it to myself, and I'm powering up my new(ish) camera's batteries ready for whatever catches my eye. Like a dream, none of this was planned in advance, the opportunity came out of the blue, so there's no more to say just now, except I'll put up some photos after I return.

Talking of dreams, this last few weeks my nights have been full of weird and wonderful multi snippets of moving pictures and strangely coloured scenes from outerspace - or is it innerspace? A plethora of disturbing, intriguing, affirming images and visions which I don't have time to record just now, but which shower me with material for much future writing and philosophising. Watch this space.

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