Tuesday, 17 February 2009

After the Big Freeze, comes the thaw: after the cover, comes news of the book itself.

Everything seems to have been at a standstill for weeks, frozen and snowed in , and to top it off a bad cold which just wouldn't go away. Sore throat and fits of uncontrollable coughing just when my Waterstones 'signing event' was coming up. People would want to come up and talk to me about the book, the management told me, and here I was unable to croak out a simple sentence without red-in-the faceness, streaming nose and eyes, and the need to dash to the loo to be sick. However ...

Fingers crossed (all of them and toes too,) I shall be there at Bath's major chain bookstore this Saturday Feb 21st from 11.00 a.m. to 1.30 ish. If I hold out that long. AND at the same time, I shall be appearing on the pages of the Crimson Circle Shaumbra Creations site for the month of February. Here is a link:
I hope it works.

If it does and you decide to investigate, it should take you to the Crimson Circle Newsletter Home Page. Look down the left until you see; Shaumbra Creations. Click on it and scroll down that page. Half way down is a picture of Esme Ellis and another pic of the book cover, PLUS a piece about the book itself.

Everything is suddenly on the move. A bit in the local paper and an interview for BBC Radio Bristol on the horizon, too.

* Crimson Circle is a world-wide organisation for Quantum Leap, and New Energy teachers and creators.

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